About Us

Flying High Over LBI

taking a dipWe are the ORIGINAL PARASAIL Company on LBI!

CAPTAIN TRACY has over 30 years experience as a parasail Captain with a perfect safety record.

Drift up to 500 ft. above the warm, calm bay and enjoy the breathtaking view of the beach and island. Our experienced crew will gently lift you off the platform of our 34 ft. parasail winch-boat, and you will fly over the bay under a huge parachute.

If you wish, you may descend gently down to the water to take a little (or big) dip in the warm bay waters, then shoot back skyward. Landing takes place on the platform of the boat and is as gentle as the take-off.

All ages from 5 years old and up are welcomed, so bring your family and friends to the most talked about ride on LBI!